Anemic Cats

Did you know that it’s possible for your cat to be anemic? Many owners actually don’t realize how many illnesses or diseases that their pet can endure just like a human.

What Is An Anemic Cat?

Usually this means that your feline friends have low blood cell counts or their red cells aren’t functioning properly. When this happens they your cats will often become quite pale. It’s more noticeable when your cat yawns. You will notice that their once healthy pink gums and tongue may now appear a pale whitish color. The tongue can give you a better reading more often than the gums. They also may appear weak or lethargic, sleeping more than normal. While the symptoms may vary from cat to cat you may also notice discolored urine or even a fever.

Diagnosis and Treatment

You’re cat can be easily diagnosed by taking them to your veterinarian. They will order a complete blood count which will check the red blood cell appearance, red blood cell count, and any other key factors that’s needed for determining your cats prognosis.

The condition of your cat may range from mild to moderate anemia and it varies how it will affect your cat. It can cause no major health issues at all or it could lead to things such as kidney failure, hemoglobin oxidation, or other more severe problems.

If the case is mild you’re cat can be treated with simple iron pills or for more severe blood transfusions may be required. Some anemia cases can not be treated. Once the veterinarian has diagnosed your cat they will go over a treatment plan that suits your pets needs.