Cat Behavior Problems

Trying to teach your cat to stop misbehaving is a delicate matter that requires patience. If you truly want your cat to stray away from their behavior problems than you need to commit to it. The one thing that you need to remember is to NEVER use any type of physical punishment against your cat. This means that you should never spank, slap, or hit them when they misbehave. This will only cause them to fear you when you want them to love you!

Train your cat not to misbehave by teaching them an alternative to the behavior. Teach them to perform the opposite of what they do.

Cats hate to be caught off guard. Use this to your advantage to stop them when you know they are doing something inappropriate. A good way to stop them is to spray them with water, hiss at them, clap, or use other loud noises. The only problem with this is that there is no way to use this tactic when you have not caught them in the act. Surprising them after they have already done it is not at all effective.

Some people prefer to use the face-push tactic. This is when you push the palm of your hand gently into the cat’s face. This is usually done to prevent the cat from biting. This does not mean that you hit the cat – but that you gently push their face back. It works well when you tell them firmly “no”.

It can be hard to keep cats from doing certain bad behaviors. When these occasions arise try ‘cat proofing’ your home. Store food in containers, make sure that heavy objects are stable, and keep any breakable items or possible dangerous objects out of their reach. Remember that cats can climb so keep them locked up.

The best way to prevent behavior from starting in the first place is to start training them when they are young. The younger you start to train them the easier they will catch on and remember what not to do.