Cat Constipation

To know whether or not your cat is constipated look for signs or straining while they are using the litter box or stools that are small and very dry. If your cat is constipated you should let them see a veterinarian. The symptoms can be mild – but in some cases can be severe.

A constipated cat may have tumors or blockages – which are causing the feces to not be able to pass through the intestines easily. This can cause the cat to become dehydrated and when this happens they may need intravenous fluids. Dehydration usually occurs more in older cats. Make sure that you clean and add new water to their bowl very often especially during the warmer season.

A cat that is constipated may have a narrowed colon that can make it difficult for the feces to pass through. Unfortunately if this is the problem it cannot be treated successfully. You can make your cat more comfortable by feeding them softer food and by adding more dietary fiber to its diet. Seek out instructions from your vet to know how to change the diet to be most effective.

Some might notice that their cats are constipated after they have changed to a different litter box or changed the litter itself. Also if you do not clean the litter box frequent enough it can make the cats more reluctant to not use it. You should make sure to clean the litter at least once a day.

If you are forced to buy a new litter box try finding one that is the same or close to the same dimensions. Keep it next to the old litter box so that your cat has the chance to get used to it. Once it recognizes it as its new ‘bathroom’ you can remove the old one.