Cat Fever

Cats just like humans con contract a common fever, and there are many cat owners out there that won’t even notice if there cat does have a fever.

If your beloved cat or kitten has a fever, he/she likely won’t give you that many signs that they are uncomfortable, but they will change some of there behavior patterns. They will tend to sleep more often, and more then usual, also they might not eat as much as they normally would. If you do notice some type of behavior change, and you think something might be wrong with your cat, it is always best to call your local vet, and see what they recommend. There are different things you can do to help your cat if they have a fever.

There are different over the counter medicines you can buy they are designed just for cat fever, that can help them over come a high temperature or a regular cold. You should always ask your vet what is okayto administer to your cat though, because some medicines that help humans get over things like the common cold, can be fatal to your cat. This is because the cat’s liver is very weak compared to a humans, and the doses humans normally take for a cold, would destroy the liver of the cat, and almost always kill the feline, unless help is sought right away. If you have gave your pet something, and you don’t know if its the right thing or not, you should definitely call your vet right away, and ask what you should do.

If you dont feel like dealing with the hassle of going through and taking care of your pets illness, you can always call your vet, and set up an appointment so that your vet can take care of it as quickly as possible. Then again this method will probably be more expensive then you yourself, just going out and buying what medicine the cat needs, and administering it to your cat yourself, but again call your vet before you do so to see what would be the best possible choice for your cat, because again some medicines can be fatal for your feline friend.