Cat Fighting

Like all animals cats can sometimes be very territorial and fight with other cats. They could be fighting because they don’t want that new cat you brought home to invade their space and routine. Or maybe they are fighting with other cats in the neighborhood over food. Whatever the reason is there are steps you can take to help them to quit this type of behavior.

What To Do When Your Cat Fights

When you first notice that your cat is fighting when they never used to then you should contact your vet and ask them to perform a health examination. Some cats will not have any symptoms if they are ill until it becomes very serious. A change in their behavior is an early indication that something is wrong.

You can spay or neuter your pets in order to avoid them entering into heat. When cats are in heat they will become more aggressive.

In order to avoid a fight breaking out when you introduce a new cat in to the picture introduce it slowly to the older cat. The best way to do this is to hold the new cat in your arms and allow the older one to smell it before it sees it. Keep them new one in a room for a couple of days or until the older cat seems to be used to the smell.

You may have to separate them until you can figure out a good solution to their problem.

If the fighting is out of control and you cannot decide how best to stop it you need to contact your vet and request special medication to calm it down while it undergoes the behavior modification program. Only your vet can prescribe this medication to your cat. Never use over the counter prescription medication.

What Not To Do When Your Cat Is Fighting

Never allow your cats to fight. If you try to wait for them to ‘work things out’ like dogs then you will be disappointed because they usually never do. The more they fight the worse the problem will be. In order to stop a fight make a loud noise, throw something soft in between them, or spray them with cold water. Never try to pull them apart unless you want to be scratched and bitten.

Don’t punish any of the cats. Punishment will only increase their aggression and will make things worse for you. You may find yourself to be the next target if you punish them.