Cat Pregnancy

Your female cat is more likely to become pregnant if you have not spayed her and if you allow her to play outside while she is in heat. A female cat will usually come into heat when they are 4 – 10 months old.

When Can Your Cat Get Pregnant

There are important signs that you can look for when determining whether or not they are in heat.

  • Showing more affection
  • Carries her tail to one side
  • Rolls around on the floor
  • She meows louder then usual and more often
  • Rubs her face against the furniture and you
  • She will be desperate to want to get outside as much as possible

Signs That Your Cat Is Pregnant

There are signs that will show you whether or not your cat is pregnant. One of the more common things to notice are the change in her nipples. Close to three weeks after she has mated her nipples will become bigger and more pink in a process known as ‘pinking’. She will also become more affectionate to you and the people around you and will be constantly trying to get your attention.

Obviously she will be wanting to eat more food in order to help her body produce the right amount of nutrients. Make sure that you feed her more food – but not too much so that she becomes overweight. If you suspect that she is pregnant it is best to make an appointment with your vet and they can tell you for sure whether or not she is.

Further into the pregnancy your cat will begin ‘nesting’. Let her find a safe place that she is comfortable with and where she can deliver her kittens. She will usually search in cupboards, closets, and other places that are secluded.

How Long Will Your Cat Be Pregnant

Your cat can be pregnant for 60-67 days. The easiest way to remember is that humans are pregnant for nine months and cats are pregnant for nine weeks. During this gestation period your cat will gain weight and you will begin to see her stomach swelling. Usually this will begin around the fourth week.

Around two days before your cat gives birth their mammary glands will grow in size and will begin to produce milk. Her appetite will begin to drop and her temperature will decrease close to 99 degrees. She will become restless and will be desperately trying to finish her nesting. She may also begin to vomit and you may notice some vaginal discharge before the contractions start.