Cat Shedding

It is a natural process for cats to shed regardless of their type or breed. You often may find hairballs on the couch, bed, clothes, under the dresser or even in the carpet. Shedding occurs during the time when there is a turn-over of the cat’s coat.

When spring arrives its time for your cat to shed that thick winter cover that has been protecting them from harsh temperatures. Fall shedding prepares your cats fur for growing a new warm coat. Some cats shed all year round especially house cats. The reason is because we as pet owners often tend to leave our lights on throughout the house most of the time or off even when its dark out. With this being done the cats are often confused by what season it is and their coats automatically shed.

While most cats shed there are a few breeds that tend not to including the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex. This is because they have extremely short fur that is relatively fine causing it to be less noticeable shedding or hairless.

By brushing and combing your cats fur daily it will help with the shedding process. Instead of being all over the furniture it will be in the comb that can be easily cleaned. It not only keeps shedding to a minimal but it also helps keep check on your cats fur making sure there are no health issues as well. It will also lessen the chances of your cat having problems with hairballs.