Cat Spraying

Many cats will engage in urine marking also known as urine spraying. Cats usually spray during sexual encounters, territorial disputes, and aggressive conflicts. Many cats will only spray while outside in order to show other cats their presence in their own territory and spraying many different places around the yard.

There are times when cats will spray indoors and make a mess. Usually they will only spray indoors when they are fighting against other cats in the home.

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying

The best solution to this problem is to spay or neuter the cat as soon as possible. This will release some of the hormonal problems that is causing them to spray in the first place.

Try to find out why your cat might be spraying. For example if your cat is spraying because they are reacting to cats they see outside, you need to block your cat’s view. They might be reacting to the smell of the cat outside in which case you can make sure that any screen doors stay closed and very little items come into contact with the smell.

Do what you can to keep other cats from hanging around your house. You can use motion-activated devices that will frighten them away. Devices like the Scat Mat can be useful when keeping outdoor cats from the doors and windows.

Find where your cat sprayed and make these areas unappealing to them. Use motion activated booby traps that will spray the cat with a harmless aerosol. You can also place foil or plastic wrap where your cat sprays. The downside to this is that they will usually choose a new place to spray. Just keep placing these traps all over where they spray.

Instead of laying down booby traps you can put their toys or food dish in the places where they sprayed. This will help to teach them to use these spots for something else.

Try spraying Feliway where your cat has sprayed. This is a synthetic pheromone that will elicit friendly and calm behavior in cats. Research shows that Feliway does a great job of decreasing the risk of indoor spraying.

If your cat is spraying because of other cats in the home you should try to separate them for a time or keep the cat that is spraying in a separate room until you can figure out a solution to the problem. If you are unable to fix the problem you should consider finding a new home for some of the cats.

There are several anti-anxiety medications that help to calm down your cat and reduce the risk of spraying.

Try giving your cat to spend sometime outside to encourage them to spray in the yard instead of in the house. Only do this if you know that your cat will not run away and will not be harmed in any way.

What Not To Do When Your Cat Is Spraying

Above all else do NOT punish the cat for his spraying by spanking, slapping, or hitting. Also do not take the cat to the area that it sprayed and punish it. You may find that your cat will become afraid of you and this will stress it out and cause it to spray even more.