Cat Toys

Cats are very laid back and they can lay around all day sunning themselves without a care in the world. We need to be responsible for introducing a little bit more action and fun into their lives to prevent them from being overweight.

To make this possible we need to provide them with toys that will encourage them to be more active or at least to do more then lay around. We have provided a list of some of the best toys on the market for cats and the best thing is we don’t have to do anything. They can play while we are away.

Tick Tock Teaser

Your cat will enjoy trying to catch the pendulum on the tick tock teaser as it swing back and forth. However, that isn’t the only thing catching your cat’s eye. Along with trying to stop the pendulum they are deciding on how best to retrieve the toy inside the wooden box. You can replace the toy for a new one when she is bored of saving the old one. All you need is a little bit of velcro to make it stick inside the box. If the toy isn’t enticing enough by itself try getting one filled with catnip. That will have your cat excited to get to it.

Da Bird Teaser

Da bird is a cat teaser that your cat will not be able to get enough of. At the end of the long string are feathers, ribbons, and cords that will have your cat going crazy. The wand is 36” and the bright colors and noises that it makes is what grabs their attention. It is best not to let your cat play with this alone because they might choke on the feathers or ribbons.

Hagin Catit Cat Spa

Who says we can’t spoil them every once in awhile by treating them to a spa? The Hagin Catit Cat Spa is a great way for your cat to reach all of those spots that make them feel great and to help them relax after a stressful day of sun bathing. It is equipped with a body groomer and ripple massager that will relax their head, neck, and face. Your cat will be able to use this toy to groom itself and stimulate the pheromones that will help to keep them calm.


We couldn’t possibly forget catnip, the incredibly entertaining substance that’ll cause your cat to go absolutely bonkers! Sprinkle alittle catnip on your cat’s favorite cat toys, on carpet or in your cat’s play area and watch him/her paw at it, scratch it, roll over, sniff, lick, kick, shake it’s head and quite literally go crazy for several minutes. It’s relatively inexpensive and is a great way to encourage a bit of exercise for a lazy cat. One word of caution, however, in that young kittens and roughly half of adult cats don’t react to it. But, it’s worth a try!