Cat Treats

There is a wide variety of different cat treats out there that you can buy for a reward for your cat.

Different things like little fish bites, for your cat as a special treat, or something that you can use to teach your cat tricks, or basic commands. Many people just buy the first thing they come up to, and give it to there cat, but some treats can be more healthy for the animal then others. A thing like Tuna in a can, can be considered a treat for cats to some, because everyone knows that almost all cats love the fishy taste of tuna, and any other type of fish product. Although there are some cats out there that do not like tuna, and just like different things like meat products.

Don’t Overdo The Treats

There are many different treats people buy, and just give to there cat as a food, this isn’t a good method to start doing though because if you want to teach your cat something, and you try to use the treats they will just think they are being feed, and not a special thing they are getting for doing something right. Treats should only be given to a cat if its a special occasion, or they have done something right that you have told them to do. This will make the cat believe that is thy do that, then they will get something for doing it, and its the right thing to do. A lot of cat owners, inside of going out to the store, and buying them, will make there own cats treats for there cats.

The Best Cat Treats Are Homemade

This is good to make the treats yourself, because if you make them yourself you know whats in them, and you know what you are giving to your cat, there are not acids, or artificial ingredients in things you make from home. Many people though don’t have the time to make treats for there cat, so the store bought treats is usually the best bet for them. There is nothing wrong with store bought treats, but like I said the ones that are made from home, are the most healthiest treat that you can give to your pet.