Cat Vomiting

There is no need to worry or panic if your cat throws up every now and then. You should start to worry when your cat is vomiting on a regular basis and for no apparent reason. Vomiting is a clear sign that your cat has health problems and it can also lead to other problems like dehydration.

If you cat is vomiting up for a whole day straight or is vomiting up blood then you should take it immediately to the veterinarian. You may have to use the emergency veterinarian.

Before you take it to the vet (if it is not throwing up blood) you can try to treat your cat. However, if you cat still continues to vomit and gets worse more then two days after this then you should contact your vet for help.

Treatments For Your Vomiting Cat

The first thing you need to do is to starve your cat for twenty-four hours. In order to do this you will need to take away your cat’s food and put somewhere they can’t get to it. If your cat is upset over this then it is a good sign that they are not very sick.

You will also need to take away their water bowl. However, you do not want to keep it away for too long. Offer your cat a little bit of water if they have not vomited in a few hours. If this still does not make them vomit then you can keep giving it more water.

You will need to keep your cat indoors for a few days and will have to keep a close look at its fecal matter. I know that this is unpleasant for anyone to have to do – but it is important that you search for tiny worms or specks that look like rice. These could be parasites and if this is what is causing your cat to vomit then your vet has medicine to treat it. You can look for parasites in the cat’s vomit.

After twenty-four hours slowly reintroduce your cat’s food starting with a bland diet for a total of three days. A bland diet is usually made up of small pieces of rice, chicken broth, and cooked chicken. Make sure that there are no skins or bones on the chicken. You can also try feeding your cat Feline I/D – a Hill’s Prescription Diet which you can find at your vet’s office.

Vomiting Hairballs?

Your cat could be vomiting because of hairballs. You will know this is the problem if you find hairballs in the vomit. In order to fix this problem you need to groom your cat on a regular basis to keep them from swallowing the fur. You can also give them hairball medicine or petroleum jelly. These help to work the hairballs out of their digestive tract with little to no problem.