Lost Or Found A Cat?

Losing a cat is hard especially when that cat has been with a family for many years. It has become an extension to your family - which makes it hard when they are lost. There are many things that you can do in order to find them.

Keep in mind that it may take weeks or even months for them to make their way back to you. You must be patient and you must be willing to search high and low for them.

Search Everywhere On Your Property For Your Lost Cat

It is not uncommon for cats to investigate small hiding spaces and to hide out for a few days or even to get locked up somewhere. They are small and sometimes they come into a room unannounced. You need to look in every room in your house including, closets, basements, attics, behind washer and dryer, and other storage spaces.

Don’t forget to look outside under your cars, in a drain pipe, or in any storage area that might be outside. If the places are dark bring a flashlight to help you find them easier.

Ask The Neighbors If They Have Seen Your Lost Cat

Visit every house that in the area where your pet was lost and ask them if they have seen it. It help if you write down the description of the cat and leave your number with them. If no one is home you can leave the information on their door. Do not give them your full name or address because some people will use this to scam you.

Tempt Your Cat To Come Home

Some cats are able to smell their way back home – but you need to make this easier for them. Place their litterbox outside of your home. Also try placing their favorite food on your porch.

Call The Local Veterinarians Office

It is possible that something could have happened to your cat and a good samaritan had brought them into one of the local veterinarian offices in your city. Call around and give them a description of your cat. Sometimes descriptions do not help. In this case try asking them if a stray cat has been brought in within the time that yours was lost. If the answer is yes then you need to immediately go and check for yourself to see if the cat is yours.

Visit Animal Shelters And Humane Societies

You need to look at these shelters every day or every other day because they tend to receive stray cats almost on a daily basis. Enlist their help with the search by giving them a picture of your cat and your phone number.

Please keep in mind that most shelters will keep an animal for only a few days before they are put up for adoption or euthanized. You need to be diligent and be on a constant lookout.

Post Flyers With Pictures Of Your Cat

Posting flyers is one of the best methods to getting your cat back safely. You will want to post dozens of flyers within a 1 mile radius of where it was lost. For better results you can go out further.

On the flyer should be a color photo of your cat, the place and date that it was lost, what breed it is, age, sex, weight, color, and your telephone number. Never put your name or address on the flyer. It is good to offer a reward – but not too put what it is on the flyer.

Place the flyers on telephone poles, veterinary offices, pet shops, grocery stores, community bullentin boards, restaurants, near schools, and on school bulletin boards. All flyers should be at eye level.

Place An Ad In The Local Newspaper

There are some newspapers who will allow you to place an ad asking people to contact you if they have seen your cat for free. Make sure that the ad is in the Sunday edition and throughout the week. Remember to check the newspaper “found” Ads every single day to see if someone has posted an ad looking for the owner of a stray cat that they have found. These ads are usually free.

Returning A Lost Cat To Its Owners

All of these are great ways to search for your lost cat and can also be taken to heart when you are the random stranger who has found the cat roaming around on its own. Obviously the first thing you should do is look for a tag – but if it has none then you should try leaving it at the animal shelter, local veterinary office, or keeping it at your home and placing a free Ad in the newspaper. Whatever you decide keep in mind that a family or even a young child is missing their friend and is hoping to see them again.