Outside Cat Care

One of the biggest questions that cat owners ask themselves is whether or not we should allow them to play outdoors. Some cats make it very obvious that they would rather be prancing through the big outdoors instead of being cooped up inside the house.

Dangers Of Letting Your Cat Outside

There are certain dangers to consider if you are going to let your cat explore the outside world. If you live in a heavily wooded area then you need to be aware that your cat could be in danger from the other larger predators. Bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions are only a few of the dangerous animals that could find your cat a appetizing.

If you live in a neighborhood you have much more to worry about. Large dogs in the area are often let loose to run around on their own and because of this they may form packs with other dogs and might corner your cat. Even if one large dog were to go up against your cat it might not have a chance.

Traffic is another problem. Too many people will not obey the traffic laws even if they are in a neighborhood and will speed around corners without paying attention. Cats can be killed instantly when hit by a speeding car or will be paralyzed and left to die slowly.

If your cat were to stumble in an area that was ‘claimed’ by another cat he could get into a scuffle that could end its life. If he does manage to escape alive he might contract a deadly disease from an infected cat through bite wounds.

Safer Alternatives To Letting Your Cat Outside

It is because of these dangers that many of us will refuse to let them out. Unfortunately we don’t want our cat to become depressed because of their strong desire to be outdoors. A great way to let them out – but to keep them safe is to build an enclosure on your property. This will allow them to enjoy the outdoors safely. Make sure that the enclosure you build will not give them any chance of escaping.