Overweight Cat

Cats are very relaxed and love to laze around all day in the sun and eat their fill of food. Many cat owners feel that this is the main reason why they become fat and overweight. This is something that you need to avoid because obesity in cats can have a higher risk of health problems like diabetes.

There are steps that you can take to help them shed this weight and stay healthy by increasing their level of exercise and changing their diet.

Change Your Cat’s Diet

You need to pay more attention to the types of cat food that you buy for your cats. Read the ingredients of the different foods for cats and find something that is low in fat and high in protein and fiber. Many people are surprised by how a large part of the cat food is a filler and not nutritious.

Buy food that is healthier for them and geared specifically toward helping cats to lose weight. Also reduce the amount of food that you give your cat at meal time.

It is time to stop giving your cat treats and snacks from the table. Make sure that they are getting enough food during meal times – but don’t over due it.

Don’t feed your cat one time during the day – but several small meals. This will help to speed up their metabolism.

Increase Daily Activity For Your Cat

When you cat is whining try playing with it and giving it some attention. Many people think they want food then they do this – but instead they are really seeking attention.

In order to increase their activity buy special cat toys that are attached to strings. Drag the toy around the house and let them chase after it.

Take your cat out for a walk. You can buy special leashes and harnesses that will help you to keep a hand on your cat. This will help them to burn calories. Be careful because some cats won’t allow themselves to be walked around on a leash.

Play hide and seek with them. Hide somewhere and then call out to them. They love this game.