Spay Or Neutering Your Cat

One of the most important things you can do for your cat whether they be male or female is to spay or neuter them so that they are not able to reproduce. Not many of us are able to take care of several cats or kittens at one time.

Because of this we are forced to give away some of the newborn kittens that our cat has given birth to. Too many cats are being euthanized in animal shelters because no one wants them.

Neutering Male Cats

Neutering your male cat is a simple surgery that allows for a quick recovery time. When you neuter your cat you are not only preventing them from impregnating female cats – but also taking care of certain behavior problems and possibly even medical conditions.

When your male cat is neutered they:

  • will lose the desire to fight
  • will not have the same desire to escape
  • will be saved from suffering the abscesses cause by fighting
  • are less likely to spray strong smelling urine
  • have less chance of contracting diseases like FIV and FeLV
  • will not worry about testicular cancer
  • are less likely to develop “stud tail” that is caused by overactive glands
  • have a smaller risk of mammary cancer

Spaying Female Cats

One of the worst things about having a female cat that has not been spayed is the fact that they are almost always in heat cycles. When a female cat is in heat she is hard to live with thanks to the loud calling and urine spraying. She does all of this to attract the male. However, like males there are other problems you might be able to avoid.

When your female cat is spayed they:

  • have less of a risk of mammary cancer. To fully protect her from this it is best that you spay her before she goes into her first heat cycle.
  • are no longer at risk fro uterine or ovarian cancer. Without any of the organs they cannot get the cancer.
  • are no longer at risk of pyometritis. This is a virulent bacteria that will attack the uterus of female cats. This can be a fatal infection.