Trimming Your Cats Claws

It is best to start trimming your cat’s claws while they are still young. This will help them grow accustomed to the practice and to not fear it. Before you begin to trim the claws your cat needs to feel comfortable with you holding her paw. Gently stroke your cat’s paw as often as you can.

Before trimming their claws wait till they are resting comfortably on your lap, the table, or the floor. Hold the paw in your hand and lightly press a toe pad down to extend the claw out. You will see the pink tissue on the inside of the slaw. Make sure not to trim this part because it will cause your cat pain and it will bleed.

How To Trim Your Cat’s Claws

You will need to remove the sharp tip of the claw below the pink tissue and clip halfway between the end of the tissue and the tip of the claw. Your cat may grow impatient with the process. If this happens do not force them to wait. Let them go and try again at a later time. You may find that you can only clip one or two claws a day.

When cutting hold the clippers at a right angle to the nail while trimming. This prevents the nail from splitting and fraying. Another technique is to hold the clippers in a vertical position – trimming the nail from the bottom to the top. After you have finished trimming their claws reward them for their good behavior. Give them a special treat that she only gets after she has been groomed.

What To Do If You Cut Into The PInk Tissue

If you have accidentally cut into the soft pink tissue do not panic. The claw will bleed for a second – but in most cases it will stop within a few seconds. Try to calm your cat down and let them know you did not do it on purpose. Speak softly in their ears and gently stroke their head. If the bleeding doesn’t stop quickly use a styptic pencil and touch it to the claw end. You can also pat on styptic powder to help stop the bleeding.

How Often Do You Cut Your Cat’s Claws

Some people feel the need to clip their cat’s claws every ten to fourteen days. If your cat does not allow you to trim their claws then you should bring them to your local vet’s office and allow them to do it for you.