Vestibular Disease in Cats

Have a cat that seems to walk funny or appear dizzy more often than it should? If so it may be time to get your cat checked out by the veterinarian. If your cat seems tipsy or having problems keeping themselves oriented it could be possible they have Vestibular Disease which is also known as Dizzy Kitties.

Some cats may become dizzy while others may not even be able to stand for a period of time. The reason for this is because the vestibular system (part of the control central) which is what balances your cat gets out of whack and usually for no reason.

Symptoms Of Vestibular Disease

Other signs of this disease is when your cat may cry out for no reason, their head may tilt to the side becoming lopsided, their eyeballs may oscillate back and forth, fall down, or just seem completely out of it.

In most cases your cats symptoms will go away on their own without any type of specific treatment while other cats may need hospitalization for proper care. Depending on the severity they may need to be treated with a variety of antibiotic’s, sedation, fluids, or others as your veterinarian may see fit.

Early Diagnosis Is Important

While improvement can usually be seen in a few days it may take weeks for your cat to fully improve. The earlier the diagnosis the better the chance of recovery for your cat.