What Cat Food Is Best?

Many of us should take care of our cats the way we would take care of ourselves. That means making sure that they are eating the best cat food that we can provide for them. There are many different factors to consider before making the final decision.

Choose Cat Food Specific To Your Cat’s Needs

Make sure that you pick something that is geared for your cat’s age. There are specific foods for kittens that are not for adult cats and vice versa.

If your cat is overweight or underweight you need to find food that will provide them with the nutrition they need.

If you cat has medical problems than choose food that is appropriate for it. It is best to ask your vet when they have medical problems.

Choose Cat Food They Will Enjoy

Cats are some of the more independent animals that you will come across. They have specific tastes and will not just eat anything. Some cats prefer fish others prefer chicken. Some prefer dry food while others prefer the canned food.

Different Types Of Cat Food

There are three major categories of cat food that are available; healthy foods, premium foods, and grocery store foods.


Healthy Cat Food

Healthy foods are the newest addition to the pet food industry. This type of food provides cats with the highest quality and the most nutritious ingredients. It is created to give optimum health benefits through the use of real meat, whole fresh fruits, fibrous whole grains, and vegetables.

This type of cat food should not be made with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. They are usually made healthier with fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that help to support the immune system and build a beautiful coat. Because of the health benefits that it offers it is more expensive – but your cat will not eat as much of it because it is more nutrient-dense compared to other types of foods.

Grocery Store Cat Food

Grocery store foods are found in grocery stores and other mass market retailers. They are the lowest quality of cat food available making them less digestible and a cheap alternative for those who cannot afford to spend much. It is important to remember that as cheap as it is they do not provide your cat with the best ingredients.

Premium Cat Food

Premium cat food can be found in pet stores, veterinarian offices, and grocery stores. There are certain premium foods that contain ingredients found in grocery store foods. These ingredients include artificial flavors, colors, and chemical preservatives. They are more expensive then grocery store foods – but not as expensive as the healthy foods.